The Instruments


Our first guitar was made from an old kitchen counter top, a lightning struck walnut tree, and scraps from an organ builders shop.

The hardware is salvaged from retired instruments. The pickups are special on this one! In the bridge position is a late 50’s Gibson Soapbar from a Les Paul Jr. This pickup was saved from literally being heaved into a trash can!

In the neck position we have a hand wired Curtis Novack mini-Humbucker, traded for a piece of the maple that the body is made from. On the top of the headstock is a button from Granny’s sewing kit.



Lucille Magliozzi
Golden Bough Productions
89 Upland Rd
Cambridge, MA 02140
P: 617-547-5111


Our drum set was made from a ventilation shaft, cookie tins, holiday popcorn containers, mixing bowls, old pots and pans, and hardware from retired drum sets. We got some good help from SJC Custom Drums.

As part of our exchange we took some scraps from their drum building and have been using them to create art projects.