Mostly Water

Stronger than a rigid marrowbone
Freer man, a heavy rolling stone
Into the world of the deep unknown

Just like water
I will drink it slow
We’re mostly water
And for all I know
Keeping still, the movement of the unknown

Across the river, deep into the forest home
Coming down in rain clouds, into the ocean we must go

Just like water
I will drink it slow
Mostly water
And for all I know
A river of water

Through the valley below
Mostly water
We are mostly water

In the rhythm of a mountain stream beginning to flow
Mostly water, mostly water

And for all we know
With our head above the water bring the body home
As we’re treading through the water we are never alone
With the clarity of water let the light be shown
In the mirror of the water let the truth be known

~ Lyrics by Patiño Vazquez

El Mundo

Sana sana tierra mi cuerpo
Sana sana aire mi alma
Sana sana aqua mi sangre
Fuego mi espíritu

Cura, cura
Hierba, tierra
El mundo

Sana culito de rana
Si no se sana hoy
Sana se sana mañana
Si no se sana hoy

Cura, cura
Agua, piedra

~ Lyrics by Patiño Vazquez


I think I’ve satisfied
The need for ancestral connection
The truth can’t be denied
But sometimes we make an exception

The need for something to help you see
The innocence and ecstasy
I climb back into the family tree for


I almost suffered a heart attack
The poor dog died on the railroad tracks
I’m still trying to get me back to


So please don’t make me cry
I’m on the verge of creation
It may seem stupefied
Like a post primal purification

The moonlight on the edge of the sea
The beauty of simplicity
I’m still trying to get myself free


I’m always trying to break this bag
I never thought it could be so sad
I sing this song and I raise my glass to


~ Lyrics by Patiño Vazquez



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