Johnny Fireseed

Band Bio’s

Joe Prieto

Bass, Backup Vocals

The purveyor of the low tones, the speaker of the lesser frequent frequencies, a musical piece of the musical puzzle – also known as the bass player.  Joe has been playing music since he was 14.

He got involved with Johnny when he started building xylophones at Fireseed Arts turning old fence boards into something which he thought wasn’t possible – a fully functional and pentatonic-tuned instrument!

Justin Martin


The second guitarist in the band, Justin has been playing for 11+ years and is proud to say that the first publicly released album to feature him on guitar is the debut Johny Fireseed  album!  He got started in the band by apprenticing at Fireseed making guitars from recycled materials.

“It’s a very cool experience to have made such unique instruments that I then get to use in context of the band.

PatiÑo Vazquez

Guitar, Lead Vocals

The Founder of Fireseed Arts, Patiño created  Johnny Fireseed as a way to add lasting value to objects destined for the landfills.  He has been composing, performing, and recording music for 40 years.

“Music has taken me around the world, but making art and instruments has connected me to my passion for ecology and sustainability through creativity. I enjoy sharing these transformations with audiences of all ages.”